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ZUK Stąporków is a reputable supplier of components for flue gas desulphurisation and denitrification systems. ZUK designs systems that promote environmental protection. Our flue gas purification systems are used by operators in utility power generation, industrial power engineering, mining and raw material processing.

Our systems have proved effective in

  • power generation,

  • metallurgy,

  • mining,

  • biomass processing,

  • paper manufacturing.

ZUK has been delivering cutting-edge technology to customers for a long time. We offer flue gas flue gas desulphurisation and denitrification systems. They can help our customers comply with all dust emission level requirements. Contact us. Our consultants will tell you more about the capabilities of our desulphurisation (deSOx) and denitrification (deNOx) technologies.

Denitrification and desulphurisation of flue gas

Our engineers will choose flue gas denitrification and desulphurisation solutions specifically for your project.

Our strengths:

  • We have a long-established presence in the power generation industry.

  • Our specialists are highly qualified and experienced.

  • We use cutting-edge design and engineering software systems.

All this allows us to carry out flue gas denitrification and desulphurisation projects on a turnkey basis, using technologies developed by our in-house engineers or supplied by our partners whose solutions are recognised and appreciated globally.