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ZUK designs and makes medium boiler grates (designated as  Rtn, Rtsn or Rtsnc) with a light-weight base that consists of a t-64 chain, spacing bars, an RN cap, and grate bars (200S, 230S, 250S, 300S) and Rtsr-type medium boiler grates with a base that consists of a  t-148 chain, spacing bars, an RŁ cap, and grate bars (300N and 400N). These grates are designed for coal dust combustion in layers using fire-tube boilers, water-tube boilers and steam boilers with a maximum capacity of 1 MW to 5 MW.

Technical specifications of medium boiler grates:

  • maximum heat load: 900 kW/m2
  • maximum calorific value of fuel: 23 MJ/kg,

  • maximum fuel layer thickness: 0.12 m.

The air-boxes of these grates are designed according to the latest requirements, which means that they are divided into airtight zones which are supplied by a fresh air supply system installed outside the grate. The number of such zones depends on the boiler type and the effective length of the grate. The optimum number of such zones should be based on the number of “dead” spaces between the zones in relation to the total usable area of the grate.

Such grates are powered by NBp-250 or NBp-500 drives designed to be used with a frequency converter.