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In response to the increasing flue gas emissions standards and requirements, we offer flue gas treatment system upgrade services. Whatever project we accept, we only use modern machinery and equipment. Our flue gas treatment system upgrade service is based on modern technologies developed by our in-house engineers or supplied by our business partners, including under licences. This allows us to ensure that your project will be carried out according to the highest efficiency and quality standards.

For each flue gas treatment system upgrade project, we need to assess:

  • the technical condition of the cyclone separators and other parts of the system,

  • the local conditions for the installation of new plant,

  • the profitability of the project.

The purpose of upgrading a system for the removal of flue gas produced by grate boilers is to respond to the increasing requirements for dust emissions.

What flue gas treatment system upgrade projects are we prepared for?

We are prepared to upgrade such systems by installing sets of cyclone separators to reduce dust emissions to a level below 50 mg/Nm3 for 6% O2.

To make the cyclone separator set more efficient, a flue gas circulation system is installed together with a bag filter and a circulation fan with an appropriate capacity level. Some of the flue gas that enters the cyclone separator set is circulated by the bag filter and then fed into the main flue gas interceptor before the flue gas extraction fan.

The purpose is not only to restore the full capacity of your flue gas treatment system, but also to optimise its operation and to increase its energy efficiency, while ensuring your compliance with environmental protection standards and regulations. We are focused on the long-term benefits of such projects for our customers to their satisfaction.