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ZUK offers quality and technical acceptance testing of machines and systems. Such testing is crucial to ensure that your equipment works properly and in accordance with the applicable industry-specific standards.

Quality acceptance testing

Our quality acceptance tests are performed by an experienced team and cover:

  • reviewing related documentation,

  • checking your equipment for correct installation and defect-free operation,

  • checking your quality documentation,

  • reviewing the operating parameters of your equipment,

  • measuring emissions of harmful substances,

  • checking the efficiency of your flue gas treatment processes,

  • assessing your compliance with environmental protection standards and regulations.

The results of the tests and measurements are presented in a report that will show your potential problems (if any) and recommend essential corrective measures and improvements.

Technical acceptance testing

ZUK also offers technical acceptance testing. The focus of this service is the technical condition of the individual parts of your machine or system. ZUK’s technical acceptance testing services includes:

  • receiving deliveries and verifying their conformity,

  • checking your quality documentation,

  • supervising installation work,

  • reviewing your repair management policy,

  • conducting or supervising the conduct of start-up and commissioning processes.

All this is to ensure that your equipment works properly and efficiently. We will recommend the steps you should take and the solutions you should consider in terms of maintenance, upgrades and improvements that may increase the efficiency of your machines and systems.


What are the benefits of our quality and technical acceptance testing services?

  • We will identify any potential issues in advance and before it is too late.

  • The risks of equipment failure, production stoppages and unexpected expenses will be reduced.

  • We will be able to assess whether your machines and systems meet the applicable standards and regulations.

  • They will help you comply with environment protection requirements.

  • Your work safety will be increased.

Our quality and technical acceptance testing services are always tailored to the individual needs of our customers. Full reports and recommendations are available with all our quality and technical acceptance testing services. Take advantage of our acceptance testing services and rest assured that your equipment meets the highest quality and technical standards.