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We offer professional technical inspections of

  • boiler grates,

  • conveyors,

  • flue gas treatment systems and

  • equipment for the energy and industrial manufacturing sectors.

We are prepared to work at sites in all parts of Europe. Our experienced in-house engineers and technicians have the necessary skills and knowledge to maintain and service your machines and equipment without a risk of failure. It is our priority to provide our customers with services that meet the highest industry-specific quality standards.

What does an inspection involve?

As part of a technical inspection of a system or a set of equipment, we will check the technical condition of each part of the system or equipment to identify potential issues and to carry out the necessary repairs.

What are the benefits of an inspection of a flue gas treatment system?

Inspecting a flue gas treatment system regularly helps

  • to ensure it works without faults or defects,

  • to increase its capacity,

  • to improve its energy efficiency and

  • to extend its lifetime.

Our team will take care of each and every part of your system to ensure its reliable operation for a long time.

We also offer customised maintenance plans for equipment and systems. Our maintenance plans involve regular checks and maintenance to prevent malfunctions and to minimise potential issues. You can rest assured that your systems and equipment will remain in good form and shape for a long time.

We will be happy to be of service with all your technical servicing and maintenance needs.