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The ZUK Stąporków design team are prepared to custom design screw conveyors to meet the specific requirements of its customers. Our designers and engineers have the necessary experience to design a complete, efficient and durable conveyor system ready for installation and commissioning. Our screw conveyor projects are based on customer-supplied documentation. Warranty and post-warranty servicing is available, as are all the required spare parts.

What is the intended use of screw conveyors?

Screw conveyors are designed to make production easier. The use of such machines can also help optimise your operating costs. We are prepared to design a screw conveyor that will carry highly abrasive material or a machine that will safely transport dust. Our conveyors work successfully for customers across sectors and industries.

The key specifications of our screw conveyors are:

  • screw diameters: 150 mm-700 mm,

  • capacity: 100 kg/h-80 MT/h,

  • drive power: 0.5 kW-18 kW.

  • The length of the conveyor will depend on the space available at the place of installation.

High efficiency, universal application and low operation costs are the key benefits of our screw conveyors.

ZUK’s screw conveyors work well for our customers in industries such as

  • power generation,

  • mining,

  • agriculture, or

  • food production.

If you have any technical questions about screw conveyors, contact one of our consultants. For details, please refer to our product and service catalogues available on our website.