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Steel structures for district heating operators

The solutions offered by our company help to automate many processes, and therefore to increase the efficiency of power plants and heating installations. Steel structures for district heating operators facilitate the transport of materials to the furnace. They can be used to remove unnecessary residues and to facilitate safe discharge of flue gases. We have a team of specialists prepared to design mechanical grates, biomass and coal conveyors, dedusting systems and slag removers designed to customer specifications, including the size of the heating system.

Transporting biomass

We also supply steel parts for biomass-fired heating systems. Biomass is considered by many to be one of the most eco-friendly heating materials. Its most common forms are pellets, briquettes and chips. The fuel is pieces of wood, tree bark, sawdust, and even straw or grains. We have already implemented projects involving the construction of conveyors for such heating materials. We manufacture various types of steel products, including screw, belt or scraper conveyors, which can be used to transport fuel from fuel storage sites to boiler locations.

Conveyors for solid and loose fuels

Steel structures such as boiler fuel conveyors for district heating operators are a major part of our product range. With our extensive facilities and considerable experience, we are prepared to build conveyors designed to customer specifications for heating systems fired not only by biomass, but also coal and loose fuels. Our conveyors are designed and built to meet the technical requirements set by the customer, but the conditions in the installation environment are also taken into account.

A special type of conveyor is a deslagger used in power generation operations. This conveyor separates, transports and discharges hot slag from the furnace. The dimensions of the structure can be customized to the size of the district heating system. Scraper conveyors for deslagging have a simple construction and are easy to operate. This allows for the burnt fines to be taken outside the installation efficiently. We design and deliver OZDW, OZGW and PPZ scraper conveyors that can be used when building new systems or upgrading existing facilities.


Grates for combined coal and biomass combustion

We provide steel structures for systems that use renewable and non-renewable materials. Our product range includes belt mechanical grates for use with several types of fuel. Heavy and light type facilities are designed to burn hard coal in the form of fine coal. We can design them to be suitable for boilers used in flame tube, water and steam systems, taking into account their efficiency. Heavy type grates are available with various types of base material.

Combined combustion of solid fuels for a cleaner environment

Step structures, on the other hand, are the best choice for systems fired by biomass, municipal waste, materials with a low calorific value, as well as other types of solid fuel. The structures are equipped with ash removal and slagging systems. They also enable the mixing of different types of fuel, like the grates for the co-combustion of coal and biomass patented by our company. These steel structures are designed for stratified combustion. They consist of two feeders for both types of materials, as well as systems for feeding both materials onto the grate separately. Our solutions for district heating also allow for protecting the grate base, ensuring uninterrupted operation when biomass is not available and eliminating phenomena such as uneven combustion.

Efficient, environment-friendly combustion processes depend primarily on carefully designed systems. Our steel structures for district heating operators help our customers achieve their intended performance levels.