A bag filter

Our bag filters offer high efficiency and effectiveness of flue gas, other gas and air cleaning. The bag filters are particularly suitable for power engineering applications.

Purpose and description

The filters are designed to remove dry and no sticky dust particles, not forming explosive mixtures with air, from flue gas, air and other media. The filters are applied mainly in a power generation sector as well as in the cement mills, lime industry, foundries, the steel industry, the glass industry. The filters also serve for removing dusts from flue gases, produced by power boiler. The special version of bag filter with safety system may be used to clean explosive dust and air mixture.

Basic elements of the filter:

  • Support structure
  • Hopper
  • A filter chamber with dust precipittion duct
  • Clean air chamber
  • Roof structure
  • Filter cleaning system using compressed air blowing
  • Filter cages and bags
  • Working platforms, barriers and ladder
  • Dust collection and evacuation system (screw conveyor with chamber dispenser)
  • Control cabinet

Maintenance and operation

Bags are replaced from the side of clean air chamber. The bags may be cleaned by blowing with compressed air either in the set time intervals or at any time upon reaching differential pressure value set at the filter controller.