Belt conveyors

The main users of belt conveyors are the world leaders of a thermal power industry and the electric power industry.


Belt conveyors apply for the transport of cinder, ash, coal dust and all types of loose materials.


Width of belt Bt – from 400 – to 1400 mm,

Length of belt L – from 5 – to 300 m,

Efficiency G – from 10 – to 700 m3/h

Technical description

Construction of a route of belt conveyor is made from hot-rolled steel sections. Drive unit is roll-beared. For eliminating of slide, the surface of the unit is rubber coated. Additional element preventing from the slide, is guidance unit, installed next to the drive and turning unit.

For correct adjusting course of a rubber belt in the conveyor, there are applied the self-setting runner systems. For a drive of conveyor we apply motoreducers installed directly on the roller of a drive system. Such system eliminates additional gears between a drive and a roller.

For cleaning of a rubber belt from outside, we use a sweep-off gear, near a drive barrel and a scraper near steering barrel. The main sweep-off gear has the segment changeable plates made from carbide. For cleaning of a belt from inside in a conveyor, there also occurs a sweep-off gear, it protects against spread of transported material on the surface of a return barrel.

For stretching the rubber belt applies the screw gear or for longer conveyors, load systems.

The conveyor is equipped in link systems of emergency switching-off and sensors of movement for signalization of decay of the rotations.