Cyclone filters


Cyclone filters are designed to remove dust from stoker type, coal-fired power boilers in order to guarantee keeping the emission level lower than 100 mg/Nm3 at 6% O2 level referred to dry flue gas at standard conditions, that is 273K; 101,3 kPa.

In order to provide required effectiveness of a device, the part of the extraction gases from the hopper of cyclone battery, circulates through an additional module of a bag filter. Circulation is forced by additional flue gas booster fan. The bag filter module is arranged horizontally between the rows of separate cyclones. Flue gas inlet and outlet from the bag filter can be closed. In cases of servicing (filter bags replacement) or damage – the flue gas cyclone-filter can work with closed flue gas circulation, by means of a bag filter.

Unique features of our cyclone-filters:

  • Applying high-efficient cyclones (two outlets of clean flue gas) allows to reduce of filter surface, which offers lower costs of operation.
  • Cohesive, uniform construction.
  • Filter unit can be completely isolated and operation with only cyclones is possible at full boiler load and in case of system start-up, damage or service.

Basic technical parameters

  • Dust content at flue gas inlet – 5 g/m3
  • Dust content at flue gas outlet – 100 mg/m3
  • Maximum temperature of operating – 260 C

Device is subject to the patent application no. P.216 644.