Light stokers

For the fire-tube and water-tube boilers of lower output


Grate stokers of the type: Rn, Rtn, Rtsn, Rtsnc, Rtsr are designed to combust fine coal by the layer system of fire-tube and water-tube boilers of the output of 6 MW.

The air-boxes of stokers are divided to hermetic areas, which are supplied by system of the fresh air. Quantity of areas depends on the type of a boiler and the useful length of the stoker. Optimal quantity of areas should consider a proportion between “dead” fields among areas and the total useful surface of grate. For the drive of the stokers a gear: NB-250 or NB-500 is used, designed for operating with a frequency converter.

Technical data

Maximum heat load amounts:  900 kW/m²

Maximum heating value of fuel to do 23 MJ/kg

Maximum thickness of fuel bed: 0,12 m

Light grates:

1) Grate bar (200S, 230S, 250S, 300S), 2) Chain: t-64 3) Bar, 4) Galea, 5) Side seal