Scraper conveyors “OZDW”

Scraper conveyors (including slags removal conveyors) have been produced  in “ZUK Staporkow” for over 40 years.

Purpose and technical description

Scraper conveyors of the OZDW type consist of single trough, where cinder and ash is dragged at the bottom of the trough. The bottom of the trough is spread out with hard removable sheet metal or basalt. These devices’s construction is simple, they are easy to operate and heavy duty. Scraper conveyors are produced in three basic variants regarding the width of the trough: 350mm, 570mm, 770mm. Possible overall lenght is between 3 to 25 meters.

Device’s dimension depends on the size of the boiler and spatial conditions connected with contruction of other transportation equipment. Shafts with rolling or plain bearing. Optional extra equipment includes: drain valve, water level regulating system, motion sensor, wire emergency switches. Conveyors are equipped with protection shields of the horizontal and inclined trough.

Technical data

Efficiency of conveyor: in Bu 350 mm to 0,27 m3/h; in Bu 570 mm to 2,5 m3/h; in Bu 770 mm to 3,5m3/h,

Power of engine depends on length and width of the trough and there are between 0,55 kW and 1,5 kW. Motoreducers are designed for operating with inverters.

There are dimensions of device such as: overall length, width of the trough, height to the transmission shaft – for arranging to the designer of slagging system or directly to the user.


1. The slag trap tank. 2. Front shaft. 3. Rear shaft. 4. Drive shaft, 5. Conveyor belt 6. Sliding metal sheet or basalt coating 7. Removable slides or guide roller, 8. Float chamber, 9. Draining valve.