Screw conveyors

The design office “ZUK Stąporków” selects and projects screw conveyors for individual requirements of the customer.

Purpose and technical description

Screw conveyors apply for the transport of coal dust, slag, dusts, biomass and other materials.

Characteristic data of conveyors:

  • Diameter of the screw conveyor: from 150 mm to 700 mm
  • Efficiency from 100 kg/h to 80 t/h
  • Driving performance from 0,55 kW to 18 kW
  • Length of conveyor are designed for specific building and the system of transport of given utility.

The main sub-assemblies of screw conveyor are: trough, screw unit with bearing and drive unit. In case of conveyors of small diameters and bigger lengths, central bearings are installed, which are kind of support preventing from deflection of conveyor’s roll.

The bottom of the trough, especially for conveyors working in difficult conditions, is spread out with hard removable sheet metal or basalt. In conveyors of small diameters, for the transport for example: dusts, the roll is made of thick-walled pipe, and coils have fixed pitch.

However for conveyors working in difficult conditions, coil unit is made in two options:

  • Roll made of thick-wall pipe, variable coil pitch
  • Conical roll, fixed coil pitch

The aim of selection of the construction of coils of the screw conveyor is receiving loose consistence of transported utility.