Steel constructions

  • The panel formwork systems and a big-dimension constructions for building engineering
  • Steel structures, including absorbers, silos, support structures, canals of fumes
  • Big-dimension constructions

Steel structures

Steel structures are produced in the own production plant, having the machines, which are advanced technologically and the production management system which is integrated to the welding system and the quality control. All systems of the company are confirmed by many certificates, including: PN-EN ISO:9001, 14001, 18001, PN-EN ISO: 3834-2, PN-EN 1090-2 in class: EXC2.

We offer production of the steel structures for industry:

  • Power industry and a heat engineering
  • Petrochemical industry, chemistry
  • Timber processing
  • Dust-extraction system and desulphurization ans denitrification of fumes, incinerating plant
  • The production halls and storage halls

The offer also includes:

  • Silos, chutes, tanks, troughs
  • Steel canals, canals of air, canals of fumes, canals of technological systems, in rectangle and circle section,
  • Constructions of heat exchangers, reactors, scrubbers, absorbers,
  • Constructions of scraper conveyors, devices for the transport of loose materials,
  • Constructions of machines and devices,
  • Supporting constructions of technological flow and piping,
  • Constructions of spiral stairs, service platforms, barriers, ladders,
  • Moulders, reducers, steel compensators,

The customers ordering the steel constructions receive the highest quality products and technical support. “ZUK Stąporków” company produces the steel constructions based on technical documents from the client and on the base of own documents, prepared by experienced designers and constructors.

The documents are prepared according to the standards: PN, EN, EUROCODES. The computer tools which are used, such as: SOLIDWorks, INVENTOR, AUTOcad.

The steel structures are produced from the structural steel for general use and  special steels (for example: stainless steel, heat-resisting steel, acid resistant steel, and so on.). The steel structures are produced according to the standards: EN 1090-1-2, NS 3464, BSK 07, DIN 18800-7, DIN 15018, DS 804, DIN 19704, AWS D1.1.

The machines and used technologies

“ZUK Stąporków Company” uses modern machines and devices during realization of the projects. Most of machines is equipped with CNC control and connected to the computer network. Common using in steering of the machines and CNC lines, have data of the CAM type, which are received from own CAD systems or from the customers.

  • The stream cleaning of the materials and products in the shot blast chambers and the passage chambers.
  • The thermal cutting of plates: the TRULaser 3060 laser evaporator, CNC plasmatic evaporator and the CNC ESAB plasmatic-gas evaporator,
  • The thermal cutting of shapes in the metallurgic sections
  • The mechanical cutting of profiles by using band-saws and circular saws
  • The mechanical cutting of plates and profiles on the paper cutters,
  • Drilling of holes in profiles and plates
  • Piercing in profiles, plates and tapes
  • Bending and straightening on the hydraulic, vertical blending brakes
  • Straightening of plates  (of thickness to 20 mm),
  • Machining on the mechanical press
  • Machining of the objects on a big, modern, milling center: shifts of the table: X-4100, Y-1830, Z-1070, the load of the table: up to 2 tons
  •  X-4100, Y-1830, Z-1070,
  • The methods of welding: 111, 131, 135, 141, 783 for the material groups: 1.1 , 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 5, 6 i 8.1.
  • The production process is controlled according to the standards of the quality management system: PN-EN ISO 3834-1:2007.
    The quality requirements concerning the welding of the metal materials

Anti-corrosive protection

“ZUK Stąporków company offers the following services:

  • Mechanical cleaning (blast cleaning) class: Sa 2,5 according to the standard: PN-EN ISO 8501-1,
  • Airless spraying, according to: PN-EN ISO 12944,
  • Metal spraying, according to: PN-EN ISO 2063,

The plant is equipped with the modern blasting chamber and the painting cabin of dimensions: 15,0 x 6,0 x 6,0m.

The whole process of preparing the surface and anti-corrosive protection is controlled by qualified staff under the supervision of the inspector “Frosio Level III Red”.