Step grate stokers

For combustion of biomass, utility waste, or also combustion of difficult fossil fuels of low calorific value. Step grate stokers perform the most profitably.

Basic data

The step grate stoker is designed for combustion of biomass of plant and forest origin in type: chip of wood, grinded down straw, energy crops, sawdust, corn cobs, wood pellet and other waste of plant origin and combustion of other fuels, that is: fine coal of low energy value or alternative fuels “RDF”. The step grate stokers, which are produced by our company are used in the water and steam boiler of power from 1 MW to 30 MW.

Construction of the stoker

The stoker is built from stiff frame and designed for placing a steel boiler or ceramic pre-combustion chamber on it. The air-box is divided to independent areas, supplied by the fresh air from independent fans of regulated efficiency. However, a grate is built of high-chrome cast of the grate bars, put in stable or movable rows. Movable rows of grate bars are powered by hydraulic system and moved, using the systems of carriages and pushers. For removing ash screw conveyor is used, which is installed crosswise to the axis of grate. Depending on the way of mounting the grate for removing slag, a belt scraper conveyor can be used .