Stokers for co-combustion of coal and biomass

Co-combustion is the easiest and the cheapest way of increasing parts of renewable fuels in production of thermal energy.

Co-combustion of biomass

For effective co-combustion of biomass in stoker-fired boiler the most suitable is combustion in the bedding system.

“ZUK Staporków” has own solution for co-combustion of biomass, based on the patent: Nr 194812. The device for powering of furnace by solid and mixed fuel.

The conceot of modernization of existing stoker comprises consists on:

  1. Mounting two-barell basket for dosage of two fuels (biomass and dust of hard bituminous coal), separately for the existing stoker.
  2. Stoker extension in the front part.
  3. Division of the coal bin for two parts: (for biomass and for dust).

Advantages of co-combustion of biomass and a coal dust in system:

Ecological effect

  • Reducing of emission: CO2, SO2 and NOx and other pollutions
    On account of:
  • Using of biomass and its attributes as a fuel
  • Reducing of quantity of a burned coal including harmful pollutions

Economic effect

  • Low financial expenses for modernization of installation concerning WR, OR boilers for co-combustion of biomass and dust.
  • Stability of combustion process of two fuels, thanks to presence a coal, allowing for using biomass of changeable and high humidity
  • Protection of the grate from excessive heat load, owning to 15-20% ash content in coal, which in the method of co-combustion process forms the first layer on the grate.
  • Eliminating of negative effects (crater combustion) occuring during combustion of biomass in the mixed system with dust.
  • In case of periodical lack of biomass, it is provided energy security.