Two-stage dedusting systems

The system of two-stage dust extraction system consists of multi-cyclone deduster and cyclone batteries.

The basic data

The use of two devices, operating as a one compact unit, allows to increase work effectiveness of dust extraction system and to raise its efficiency. The use of described system, enables obtaining dust content in outlet flue gas lower than 300mg/Nm3.

Cyclone batteries

Cyclone batteries are fabricated of 5 mm thick steel plates of – construction steel of usual quality. Some part of the inlet section my be provided with an insert made of abrasion-resistant HARDOX steel, in the aim of prolonging its life. Cyclone batteries can also be applied as a pre-dedusters e.g. in the bag filter stations.

Basic technical parameters

  • Dust content at flue gas inlet – 6g/m3
  • Dust content at flue gas outlet – 200-300mg/m3
  • Maximum operating temperature – 300 C

Through multicyclone

Through multicyclone are used as pre-dedusters in the dust removal system – it captures the most erosion fraction, which prolongs life of cycloned dust collectors or filters.

Basic technical parameters

  1. Actual diameter of one cyclone (1): Ø 250 or Ø 315,
  2. Recommended flows (2):
    • for diameter of cyclone: Ø 250 – 0,6 m3/s,
    • for diameter of cyclone: Ø 315 – 1 m3/s.
  3. The total capacity of multicyclone depends on the number of built-in multicyclones and on actual diameter.