The terms of publication of the term reports in 2019 year

The term reports Date of publication of the term report Closed period date of publication of the term report
Annual report for 2018 year 30 of April 2019 year From 30 of March 2019 year
Report for the first quarter of 2019 year 15 of May 2019 year From 15 of April 2019
Report for the first half- year 2019 year 13 of September 2019 year From 13 of  August 2019 year
Report for the third quarter of 2019 year 20 of November 2019 year From 20 of October 2019 year

According to the 101 paragraph of the Act 2 in the matter of current and term information, transmitted by the issuers of securities and the conditions finding for equivalent of information required according to the provisions of law of the country, which is not the member country (Regulation), the plants of boiler appliances “Staporkow” joint-stock company (ZUK Company), doesn’t have duty to transmit the quarter report and the consolidated quarter report for the second and the last quarter of the current year.

On the base of the 101 paragraph of the Act 2 of the Regulation, the Company is obliged to specify and transmit the specified dates of transmitting the term reports, in the current year to the end of first month of the current year, in the form of the current report, including the days, accepted as the days free of work, on the base of separated provisions.

Closed period

According to the Article 19, the Act 11 of the Regulation of European Parliament and Council, no. 596/2014 of the day of 16 of April 2014 in the matter of misuses on the market (Regulation in the matter of misuses on the market, MAR Regulation), the people fulfilling the management duties in ZUK Company, that means the people connected to the company in this way that they are the member of the state administrative body, the managing body or the supervisory agency, or they are the executives, not being the member above-mentioned bodies, additionally, they have access to the confidential information, concerning directly or indirectly of this subject, and the rights for making the management decisions, having influence on future development and the economic prospects of the company, they cannot realize transactions on his account or on the account of the third party, directly or indirectly shares or owing instruments of ZUK Company, or instruments or other financial instruments, during the closed period of 30 days before announcing intra-annual financial report or the report at the end of accounting year, which the company has a duty announce for the public information.