Assembling furnace for iron processing

Chancellor John Malachowski built great furnace for iron processing at the area of the production plants of the boiler appliances in Staporkow. In the period between the two World Wars “Steel Mill Staporkow” existed here. After the second World War has been built also the mine ”Old Mountain”, which was closed down at the beginning of the seventies.


Building the plants “ZUK”

On the strength of a decision of the Minister of Industry of Heavy and Agricultural Devices - Plants of boiler devices “Staporkow” has been formated. At that time the basic profile of production has been: mechanical stokers, the stoker drives, deslaggers. Economic transformations happening in Poland at the end of the eighties caused necessity of differentiation of activity and spreading the range of production, not only for the needs of the thermal power industry, but also broadly defined steel business.


“ZUK Staporkow” Joint-stock company

“ZUK Staporkow” Joint-stock company (Company, Issuer) established in 1995 year as a result of transformation in one-man company of State Treasury. In September of 1995 year, shares of company was transferred to National Investment Funds.


The sale of shares

In July 2002 year, leading fund and other investment funds sold shares in “ZUK Staporkow” for the benefit of the Stalmax General Partnership and former chairman of the board as Marek Milczarek.


Regaining on the stock exchange

In the day of third of August 2007 year, the company made it’s debut on the Stock Exchange S.A. in Warsaw. Currently, the Plants of the boiler appliances in Staporkow is one of leading companies servicing energy industry in Poland.


The new area of activities

In 2010 year,“ZUK Stąporków” company signed the first agreement for complex realization of “turn-key” investments as General Contractor.


Denitrification and desulphurization of fuel gas

In 2016 year, “ZUK Stąporków” was the supplier of elements of the desulphurization and denitrification systems for power boilers.