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Grain silos: solutions for farmers

ZUK Stąporków supplies its diverse solutions across sectors and industries, including agriculture. The steel structures used by small and large agricultural holdings include silos. They are mainly used to store various loose materials, primarily grain, but also silage, some agricultural crops, animal feed, and even biomass. Silos are sometimes also used for dry cement storage, but this use is more common among industrial manufacturers rather than farmers.

Storage of grain and other materials on farms

Silos can be customised in terms of capacity, height and diameter, as required by customers. Steel structures for agriculture are normally made on the basis of customer-supplied technical documentation, but can also be constructed according to our designs. It is these cylindrical structures that provide some of the best conditions for storing grain. This is because the grains inside are not protected against wind and precipitation. Steel structures effectively protect their contents against birds and rodents as well. A silo can be easily emptied if necessary.   

Grain and other materials can be stored in silos also because we rely on international standards when manufacturing these cylindrical structures. We also use a modern machine park, with systems certified for conformity with European quality standards. This allows us not only to build and deliver steel structures with above-average strength, but also to create an appropriate environment for storing grains on farms.

Conveyors for agriculture

Other steel structures that can be used in agriculture are scraper conveyors, belt conveyors and screw conveyors.  Our conveyors can be customised to suit virtually any application. For example, a particular conveyor can be connected to a silo to speed up the process of emptying the latter of grain. If you require a solution for your agricultural business, contact ZUK Stąporków and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.