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Laser Service Centre

At ZUK Stąporków, we specialize in modern materials processing technologies. These include laser cutting as an important part of our services. Our machine park includes two laser cutter models. We use them for large projects as well as to cut out intricate details on various types of surfaces.

Versatile laser cutting machines for a wide range of applications

The first machine in our machine park is the CNC fiber BYSTRONIC laser cutting machine. This machine allows for the processing of sheets whose maximum dimensions are 1,500 x 3,000 mm. It can handle sheets of up to 25 mm in thickness (35 mm for stainless steel sheets). The cutting speed is up to 60 m/min. The second machine is the TRUMPF TruLaser3060 laser cutter. The sheet size parameters are even greater for this machine – it can handle metal sheets with dimensions of 2,000 x 6,000 mm, the maximum thickness of which can be up to 20 mm. This machine is prepared to work at a speed of up to 6 m/min.


Professional metal sheet processing

We are prepared to accept laser cutting jobs in various types of materials. These include not only the already mentioned structural sheets and stainless steel. We also process copper sheets (up to 12 mm thick), brass sheets (up to 15 mm) and aluminum sheets (up to 30 mm). We can use our laser cutting machines to make large cuts, various shapes, as well as small details or patterns. High precision of the work is maintained at all times.

Laser technology for standard and non-standard projects

Laser cutting is a service that we can modify to suit the needs and requirements of our customers. Therefore, we can accepts various projects from our customers. With the professional and efficient machines in our machine mark, combined with ten years of experience in material processing, we are able to handle various jobs and projects, mainly for industrial purposes, but not only. Feel free to contact our office to learn more about the details of the service and to request an initial quote for your laser-cutting project.