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Cięcie laserowe

Laser Service Centre

At ZUK Stąporków, we specialize in modern materials processing technologies. These include laser cutting as an important part of our services. Our machine park includes two laser cutter models. We use them for large projects as well as to cut out intricate details on various types of surfaces. Versatile laser cutting…

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Usługi dla rolnictwa

Grain silos: solutions for farmers

ZUK Stąporków supplies its diverse solutions across sectors and industries, including agriculture. The steel structures used by small and large agricultural holdings include silos. They are mainly used to store various loose materials, primarily grain, but also silage, some agricultural crops, animal feed, and even biomass. Silos are sometimes also used for dry cement storage,…

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przenośnik taśmowy z kruszarką

Steel structures for district heating operators

The solutions offered by our company help to automate many processes, and therefore to increase the efficiency of power plants and heating installations. Steel structures for district heating operators facilitate the transport of materials to the furnace. They can be used to remove unnecessary residues and to facilitate safe discharge of flue gases. We have…

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