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What are the advantages of using gas to cut steel?

Gas cutting of steel is a highly economical thermal cutting technology. It is particularly so if the thickness range of the items to be cut is large. The use of plasma cutting is a noteworthy option too. This cutting method is highly precise if you require a neatly cut item.

What are the biggest advantages of the use of gas to cut metal items?

  • The process is automated.

  • Cutting at different angles is possible.

  • The perpendicularity of the edges of the item is maintained.

  • The cutting quality is good with thicker materials.

  • It can be used for cutting items within a large thickness range.

Gas cutting is an economical method that offers excellent performance. This makes it a universal choice for your metal cutting projects. We are pleased to offer our services to large companies and small workshop operators alike. To get a quote for your gas cutting project, contact us.

Our gas cutting services are quoted separately for each project.

Ask for a quote: Contact Mr Paweł Werens. E-mail:, phone: +48 665 567 598

We offer fully professional technology-based solutions across sectors and industries. One of our services is gas cutting. We use this method mainly in the processing of metal items with a thickness of up 100 mm. Oxygen cutting is an effective cutting technology for low-alloy steels and low-carbon steels. It can also be used for cutting metal sheets in bundles.

Gas cutting is effective whenever you need to have a metal item cut with precision within a thickness range. The entire process is highly efficient and the highest precision is ensured. We use modern equipment in our daily work. This includes Eckert plasma cutting machines. They offer excellent performance and are ideal for cutting metal sheets as thick as 100 mm. When this method is used to cut a metal item, the perpendicularity of its edges is maintained, even if the item is very thick. The item can be cut at different angles as well.