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We offer plasma cutting services according to the highest quality standards. Plasma cutting involves melting a metal item and blowing it out of a cutting gap with the use of gas. The best metal cutting quality is guaranteed. We have been using the plasma cutting technology to cut steel items for years. This experience allows us to deliver items cut with great precision. We use modern and efficient HyperTherm plasma cutting machines.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of plasma cutting of metal sheets?

With plasma cutting of metal sheets, no preparation of the item to be cut is needed. This means that the item can be cut even if it is dirty, coated with an old layer of paint or covered with rust.

What are the main benefits of plasma cutting of metal sheets?

  • The cutting process is fast.

  • The speed of cutting through the item is fairly good.

  • The cutting process is automated.

  • Cutting at different angles is possible.

  • The cut edges are neat and smooth.

  • The distance between items can be small to minimise material losses.

However, plasma cutting has its drawbacks. The noise level during the process is high and so is the amount of UV radiation. We have experienced in-house cutters who are provided with a safe working environment and have access to machines and equipment supplied by reputable manufacturers. If you are interested in our CNC plasma cutting services, contact us. We will discuss our terms of business and tell you more about what our machines can do for you.

Our plasma cutting services are quoted separately for each project.

Ask for a quote: Contact Mr Paweł Werens. E-mail:, phone: +48 665 567 598