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We offer laser cutting services. For this, we use technically advanced solutions and the most innovative laser cutting machines from BRYSTONIC and TRUMPF.

All the laser cutting jobs we accept are performed by experienced and qualified personnel. This allows us to ensure that your laser cutting project will be delivered with outstanding efficiency.

We use our BRYSTONIC and TRUMPF laser cutting machines for structural and stainless steels, aluminium, copper and similar items. The working widths of our laser cutting machines are:

  • 2000 x 6000 mm
  • 1500 x 3000 mm

To get a quote for your laser cutting project, contact us. Laser cutting is an effective cutting technology for an item with a irregular shape and a large number of identical items alike.

Who is it for?

Laser cutting of metal sheets or similar materials is a service for business operators across sectors and industries. Our customers for laser cutting services operate in industries such as

  • power generation,

  • construction,

  • metallurgy,

  • food production,

  • shipbuilding,

  • refineries.

What are the advantages of laser cutting of metal sheets?

Why is industrial laser cutting a good choice? We use high-class laser cutting machines in our daily work. They offer excellent cutting precision to deliver neatly-cut edges. This allows us to keep the risk of material deformation low, while the use of laser cutting as a thermal laser technology has the lowest impact on the composition and properties of the item when compared to other cutting technologies.

What the are benefits of laser cutting?

  • The repeatability of the cutting process is maintained and the cut item is neat.

  • It can be used to cut out holes with small diameters and of non-standard shapes with a degree of precision that is not achievable with any other cutting method.

Each laser cutting project is quoted as a bespoke job. The cost will depend on the quantity of the material for cutting, the time frame of the project, and the type of the material.

The maximum thicknesses for laser cutting are:

  • structural steel: 25 mm

  • stainless steels and aluminium: 30 mm

Ask for a quote: Contact Mr Paweł Werens. E-mail: , phone: +48 665 567 598