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ZUK designs and makes low boiler grates with an RN-type base. Rn, Rtn, Rtsn, Rtsnc and Rtsr grates are designed for coal dust combustion in layers using fire-tube boilers, water-tube boilers and steam boilers with a maximum capacity o 7 MW.

Technical specifications of low grates:

  • maximum heat load: 900 kW/m²,

  • maximum calorific value of fuel: 23 MJ/kg,

  • maximum fuel layer thickness: 0.12 m.

The air-box of a grate with an effective width of 0.86 m has been upgraded to ensure even distribution of air pressure. The change is that air is supplied under the grate base from both sides of the air-box.

Low grates are powered by NBp-250 or NBp-500 drives designed to be used with a frequency converter.