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We have been producing OZGW-type slag scraper conveyors, or dual-trough conveyors with top-trough scraping, for nearly 50 years. All our projects can be based on customer-supplied documentation or designs prepared by our in-house team. Each solution is completed and delivered according to customer specifications. Our products are widely used in mining and power generation operations. Our conveyors for mining operations can also be used in aggregate production, gravel extraction or at building sites.

Przenośniki zgrzebłowe OZGW

How do OZGW-type scraper conveyors work?

These mining-grade conveyors are equipped with transverse parts attached to a chain. These parts, or scrapers, are responsible for transporting material from the initial position of the conveyor route to a specified place.

What are the main advantages of scraper conveyors made by ZUK?

  • They can be used under difficult conditions.

  • They are resistant to highly abrasive materials.

  • Their durability is ensured by their solid construction.

  • The conveyor route is designed according to customer specifications.

Odrzużlacz podwójny OZGW

The upper trough, covered with water, extinguishes slag and carries it onto a different conveyor, while the belt in the lower trough returns dry. This eliminates the accumulation of non-removable slag pieces, including ash.